Frequently Asked Questions

The Pearl Harbor Attack
Is the USS Arizona still leaking oil?

Yes the USS Arizona is still leaking oil. We called them the "black tears is the USS Arizona. The ship leaks 2-9 quarts of oil per day 


The USS Arizona held approximately 1.5 million gallons of oil. When it was sunk by the Japanese. The ship burned for 2½ days.

Why were the sailors' bodies never removed from the USS Arizona?

A Japanese high-level bomber dropped a 1,760-pound that penetrated the forward deck of the ship about 40 feet in from the bow. The explosion ignited aviation fuel stores and the powder magazines for the 14-inch guns, instantly separating most of the bow from the ship and lifting the 33,000-ton vessel out of the water. 


The explosion and subsequent fires killed 1,177 sailors and marines instantly. The fires continued for 2½ days, virtually cremating every man on board.

How many of the USS Arizona Crew Survived the explosion?

Out of a crew of 1,511, only 334 survived the explosion.

How many uss Arizona crew members were identified?

Only 107 USS Arizona crew member where able to be positively identified. Due to the immense fire the remaining 1,070 casualties were not able to be identified.


How many men were not on board the ship when it exploded?

A total of 40 sailors and marines assigned to the USS Arizona were not aboard the ship when it was attacked

How many USS Arizona crew survived?

A total of 319 sailors and 15 Marines (on or off the ship) were officially USS Arizona survivors. 

How are the bodies of the USS Arizona survivors buried on the ship?

Crewmembers who were assigned to the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941, have the right to have their bodies cremated and interred inside the barbette of gun turret four by National Park Service divers.


Can other WWII or Pearl Harbor survivors be buried on the ship?

No, only Survivors from the USS Arizona can be interred in the ship. Other Pearl Harbor survivors can have their ashes scattered over the place in the harbor where their ship was located during the the attack.

Who was the first USS Arizona to be their ashes interred on the ship?

Navy Chief Petty Officer Stanley M. Teslow ashes were interred on April 12, 1982.


How many USS Arizona survivors ashes have been interred on the ship?

A total of 39 crew members have been interred into the hull of the the USS Arizona. That list consists of 37 Navy sailors and 2 Marines.

Is there a special ceremony performed for the interred of the USS Arizona's survivor ashes on the ship?

Yes, there is solemn ceremony of interment, complete with a two-bell ceremony from the Fleet Reserve Association; a rifle salute from the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps; and a benediction with the echo of Taps being played across the harbor. 


The services are conducted at the Arizona Memorial and consist of an invocation, funeral ceremony, and a flag presentation to the family. 


Each interment ceremony is hosted by the USA NPS and the United States Navy

Why was the USS Arizona not raised, repaired and put back into service?

The USS Arizona was inspected by the US Navy in early 1942 and it was determined a total loss. 

What other battleships were not raised, repaired and put back into service?

In addition to the USS Arizona, The USS Oklahoma, and the USS Utah were not put back into service.


What other battleships were repaired and put back into service?

The USS Pennsylvania, USS Nevada, USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, USS Maryland, and USS California were repair and put back into service.


Why was the USS Arizona not raised and the metal used?

A lot of the metal was used for the war effort. In June of 1942, the US Navy decided the lost ship’s hulk was not a hazard to navigation in the harbor and the ship would remain where she fell. 

A decision was made to leave the crewmembers with their ship, considering the men to be buried at sea.

How many ships and vessels were at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese surprise attack?

There were over 180 ships and vessels in Pearl Harbor when the attack began.

How many ships were damaged by the Japanese attack?

A total of twelve ships were sunk or severely damaged. There were another nine ships that needed extensive repairs. All the ships but the USS Arizona, the USS Utah and the USS Oklahoma were returned to service.

What happened to the battleships Utah?

The USS Utah lays where she fell on the north side of Ford Island. After several attempts of raising the ship failed the US Navy made the decision to leave the bodies of 58 crewmen onboard, considering them buried at sea.

What happened to the battleships Oklahoma?

Over 400 men were trapped inside, of which only 32 were rescued.


Resting in the main channel of the harbor, a major salvage operation began in March of 1943. The ship was then pumped out and the remains of over 400 sailors and Marines were removed. The guns and superstructure were removed following the battleship’s formal decommissioning in September of 1944. Two years later, a California salvage company bought the ship for scrap and began towing the USS Oklahoma to Oakland. On May 17, 1947 the ship began listing to port and the tow lines had to be cut. 

The USS Oklahoma sank approximately 540 miles northeast of Hawaii. 

How many set of brothers were aboard the USS Arizona?

There were 37 sets of brothers assigned to the USS Arizona.


When was the the USS Arizona stricken from the naval Vessel Register?

The USS Arizona was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in December of 1942.

Is the USS Arizona treated as part of the current US Navy fleet?

 The USS Arizona is treated as one of the current fleet. On March 7, 1950, the Arizona was symbolically "re-commissioned" when a flagpole was erected on the ship.

Did Elvis Presley donate funds for the constructions of the USS Arizona Memorial?

Yes, on March 25, 1961, Elvis Presley performed a concert at Bloch Arena in Pearl Harbor and ticket proceeds benefited the construction of the Memorial.


How much money did the Elvis Presley concert generate?

The concert generated $54,678, more than ten percent of the $515,728needed to construct the monument.


What can I do at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center?

You can explore the historical exhibits, watch a 23 min. documentary on the attack and take a navy boat to visit the memorial. 


What else can I do?

There are other sites at the Pearl Harbor that you can explore:

What is WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument?

WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument oversees operations at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and maintains and operates the USS Arizona Memorial, as well as the USS Utah and USS Oklahoma Memorials on nearby Ford Island.


WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument, part of the National Park Service

How can I see the USS Oklahoma and USS Utah Memorials?

You can visit the USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island by purchasing a $3 shuttle ticket at the Battleship Missouri ticket desk. If you purchase a ticket to the Battleship Missouri, you can also see the USS Oklahoma Memorial that way, as it is located nearby.

At this time, the USS Utah Memorial on Ford Island is only open to visitors with a military ID card.

Where is Pearl Harbor Visitor Center located?

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is located at 1 Arizona Memorial Place, Honolulu, HI, 96818. For more detailed directions, please call us at 808-737-370.

Is Visitor Parking available?

Yes, free parking is available for visitors. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle. If you drive, arrive early since Visitors Parking can get full.

Can I bring bags onsite?

No. For security reasons bags are not allowed.

What can I bring onsite?

You can bring cameras, water bottles, wallets, and other items.

Is there a Baggage Storage facility?

Yes there is a baggage storage facility located to the right of the visitor center entrance. There is a fee of $3 per bag for storage. 

IMPORTANT: If you purchase the Passport, please plan to be here for the whole day.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase the Passport, please plan to be here for the whole day. It takes 8-10 hours to see all the sites this is only recommended to those that are WWII buffs. It not recommended to do all the sites in one day, if you have young children. It is also not recommended to those that can't stand or walk for long periods of time. 


If you don't finish in one day, the Passport can be used for a second day within a consecutive seven-day period. To extend your Passport, ask at the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites ticket counter, located in the courtyard of the park. There is a $10 additional fee.

Can I use the Go Oahu card at the visitor center?

The Go Oahu card cannot be used for the USS Arizona Memorial program, since tickets are already free and available on a first-come, first served basis. You will still need to get a walk-in ticket, or make reservations.

Can military do their reenlistment ceremony at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center?

Yes, military can do their reenlistment ceremony at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Please email to schedule your reenlistment ceremony at the Visitor Center.

Visiting the USA National Parks
How do I obtain a park/entrance pass or a pass for all national parks?

Some parks charge and entrance visit; visit the park's website or contact the park to learn more.

Where can I find a park map?

You can view maps on Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial National Park here.

For other parks visit that park websites. 

How do I make reservations for camping/lodging in national parks?

Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial does not have a campground.  

For other parks with campground reservations, visit Not all parks participate in this service; many campgrounds are first come, first served. For more information on specific camping and lodging services offered at the park(s) of your interest, please check the specific park websites.

What do I need to know about driving off road in national parks?

Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial does not offer driving off Road. 


For other parks check with the national parks that you intend to visit. In many national parks, off-road driving is illegal. Where off-road driving is allowed, the National Park Service regulates it.